Construction Update: South Wakefield Street to South Four Mile Run

Utility undergrounding Verizon crews have completed all undergrounding work and removed their overhead lines between South Wakefield and South Buchanan Streets. Once the signal work is complete, Verizon will remove their remaining utility poles. The signal poles, mast arms and signal head have been installed at Four Mile Run and the signal is operational. The signal contractor will be on-site next week completing the installation of the signal poles, mast arms and signal heads at South Buchanan Street.

The signal at South Buchanan Street is expected to be operational by Friday, Jan. 23. County staff anticipates the signal at South Wakefield Street to be operational, as well, on Friday, Jan. 23 or early the following week. An overhead cable line remains to keep the existing street lights functional. Once the new street lights are operational, Dominion Virginia Power will remove this overhead line and any remaining utility poles belonging to them.

Streetscape improvements The County’s contractor has completed much of the street improvement work along Columbia Pike, with the exception of the realignment of South Four Mile Run Drive Minor. The realignment work will continue once the utility poles are removed. The County’s contractor anticipates mobilizing next week. Scheduled completion Substantial completion of this utility undergrounding and street improvement project, including the realignment for South Four Mile Run Minor up to base asphalt, is anticipated for February 2015, weather permitting. Final surface asphalt, which requires warmer weather for installation, will take place in the spring along with any additional repairs listed with the final walk-through by County staff.