Columbia Pike Transportation Update


Post-Streetcar Planning 
At the Jan. 27 County Board meeting, County Manager Barbara Donnellan gave a progress update on the shutdown of the streetcar program and the start of post-streetcar planning efforts. Read her presentation (PDF), which is available on the Projects & Planning page.  
Engineering Work Begins for New Transit Stations
In January the County started engineering for the new transit stations along Columbia Pike, which is the busiest bus transit corridor in Virginia. This work involves developing detailed construction plans and specifications based on the new design concept unveiled last year.
During the engineering design process, we will invite residents, bus riders and other stakeholders to provide input on the importance of various station amenities and the proposed configuration of station elements. Stay tuned – more details will be available this spring.
Construction Update: South Wakefield Street to South Four Mile Run
Traffic has been diverted from the old segment of South Four Mile Run Drive to the new realigned roadway. Curb, gutter and sidewalk work will begin this week, as weather permits. Construction within the recycle center lot is expected to start next week, with completion anticipated by the end of the month.
Signal work is complete at the intersections of South Four Mile Run Major and South Buchanan Street. The South Wakefield Street signal work should be complete in the next two weeks.  
The new street lights on the north side of Columbia Pike are functioning. Street lights on the south side will be operational once the street light within the old segment of Four Mile Run Minor is installed. 
Substantial completion of this utility undergrounding and street improvement project, including the realignment for South Four Mile Run Minor up to base asphalt, is anticipated for February 2015, weather permitting. Final surface asphalt, which requires warmer weather for installation, will take place in the spring along with any additional repairs listed with the final walk-through by County staff.
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