Spring Yard Waste 2015

Arlington County will collect spring yard waste from March 16 to April 24. Yard waste is collected on the next business day after your regular trash collection day. If your trash is collected Friday, yard waste will be collected the following Monday. Friday customers’ last collection day will be April 20.

We do not accept grass clippings during our Spring Yard Waste program. Choose grasscycling or composting instead. Always use biodegradable paper pages instead of plastic.

The following yard waste must be small enough to fit in paper lawn bags or your own 32-gallon trash container.
Bamboo trimmings
Dead plants
Dethatching material
Flower and vegetable bed debris (such as corn stalks and tomato plants)
Ornamental grass
Pine cones and needles
Shrub trimmings
Small tree limbs
Wood chips

How to Prepare for Collection
Remove dirt, stones, litter, sod and other debris from your yard waste.
Place only yard waste in biodegradable paper bags or your own 32-gallon trash container (weight limit is 50 lbs.).
Close your bags by folding them top-down.
Place your bags at the curb, one day after your trash day, by 6 a.m.
Do not use plastic bags. Plastic bags will not be collected as yard waste and will be collected the following week on your scheduled trash day.

Biodegradable paper bags are available at most hardware stores. Use any bags left over from the fall leaf collection. Free bags are also available starting March 9, at the following locations (while supplies last).
Courthouse Plaza Information Desk (2100 Clarendon Blvd.)
Lee Community Center & Park (5722 Lee Highway)
Solid Waste Bureau (4300 29th Street S)
Thomas Jefferson Community Center (3501 S 2nd Street)

Missed or Partial Pickup

Report a missed or partial pickup by noon the next business day so that we may collect it, or it will be collected on your next regularly scheduled collection day. You may report it online or by calling703-228-6570.