2015 – 2016 Residential Permit Parking Announcement

Short-Term-Visitor-Pass FlexPass Vehicle-Specific-Permits
Dear Residents:
It is now time to renew your Residential Permit Parking Program permits and passes for the new program year beginning July 1, 2015. Remember enforcement continues throughout the year, so new passes / permits must be displayed by July 1st, 2015.
To speed your renewal process go online to http://egov.arlingtonva.us/rppp/. If applicable, be sure to have a credit card and the vehicle registration for any new vehicles you wish to get permitted. For those who don’t register online, application forms and information will be mailed to you before the end of April. For residents who are renting, please attach a copy of your current, signed lease to avoid processing delays.
For permit parking year 2015-2016, new FlexPass placards will be issued to eligible households. To make it easier for residents and to improve the security of the FlexPass system we are no longer issuing renewal stickers; rather we will be issuing new FlexPass placards each year. Please note that FlexPasses may not be sold or transferred. If a FlexPass is sold or transferred to someone not visiting the residence, the result will be forfeiture of receiving a FlexPass for the current and following year.
In order to receive your permits and passes by July 1, the deadline for applications is June 1. Due to the large quantity of renewals, a four week turnaround time is required to process the requests. Please remember that your vehicles must be registered with Arlington County’s Commissioner of Revenue to be eligible for the Permit Parking Program.
Thank you for your participation in the Residential Permit Parking Program. For more information, visit www.parkarlington.com. Please call 703-228-3344 or email park@arlingtonva.us if you have questions.
Thank you very much,
The Arlington County Residential Permit Parking Team