Lubber Run Community Center Vision Survey

A message from Arlington Parks and Rec:

Arlington Community Member,

As you may know, planning for a new Lubber Run Community Center begins next year. Prior to planning we are trying to obtain the broadest scope of the community’s vision for what they see for this new center. Can you help us reach as many people as possible? You can participate in the survey and pass this message along through your distribution lists. Survey will be open until May 31st.

Lubber Run Community Center Vision Survey

Our survey is also available in Spanish
Participe en Encuesta Centro Lubber Run
For background, the Lubber Run Community Center is located at 300 N. Park Drive, Arlington, Virginia. The new community center will provide a full complement of recreational, social and learning activities for all ages. On Wednesday, April 29, 2015 a Community Vision Session was held to have people share their thoughts on the new Lubber Run Community Center. See the Visioning Session Presentation HERE

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