Columbia Pike @ Columbus Street Bus Stop Update

Columbia Pike at Columbus Temporary Bus Stop

The temporary bus stop in front of the 7-11 on Columbia Pike and Columbus St has been moved back east down the pike across 4 mile run.  The county DOT sent the following message:

The temporary bus stop installed while the old bus stop was closed due to Four Mile Run Minor being realigned with S. Buchanan Street.  With completion of that project, the old bus stop was reopened.  We are working to avoid stops being in close proximity, to improve the travel-time for people on-board the buses.

The intersection of Columbia Pike with Columbus & Dinwiddie Streets has a four-way crosswalk. The stop on southbound S. Dinwiddie immediately before Columbia Pike serves the same routes that were stopping by the 7-11.  The stop on eastbound Columbia Pike immediately before S. Columbus St. serves PikeRide buses coming from Annandale and Culmore.  Both are available from 7-11 by crossing the intersection.

We placed a closure notice on the bus stop a few weeks in advance.  As this never was intended to be a permanent stop and is in very close proximity to other stops, that was the extent of our community engagement on this issue.  We have a few examples of permanent bus stops a few hundred feet apart, and intend to address those as well within a more engaged process with the communities.


People riding from Annandale and Culmore who wish to transfer to the ART 41 or 45 can do so at several stops further down Columbia Pike, including the stop at Quincy.