Civic Association assistance with Defining Digital Arlington

Arlington County wants to make it faster, easier and more convenient for you to communicate and do business with the County. That’s why they are seeking your input to define what future mobile and online services would make it easier to engage with the County. For one month, starting October 15th, they will be gathering Arlington’s ideas, developing insights and making decisions. Go to or send a text to 703-270-0070 to participate and also see what others have to say.

Please let us know what you think would help now until November 15th.

More background below:

The County is working on an initiative with Mark Schwartz and the County Manager’s office to initiate a 360 degree communication with our community.   The process for this communication will use an online tool to post a single open ended question, gather feedback and insights from individuals, and finally, provide a communication back about the insights and decisions that were made based on all of the input provided.  The differentiators for this communication approach are the ability to crowdsource the development of insights and provide a complete feedback loop of how ideas are connected to our decisions.  Our first communication will be focused on mobile applications and online services.  Starting today, October 15th, we’ll be gathering Arlington’s ideas, developing insights and making decisions from our citizens, business community, and others that reside, live, and play in Arlington.
As part of the effort, we are interested in reaching out to a wide audience, including the citizens as well as the business and nonprofit community.