Columbia Hills Community Liaison

Below contact information for APAH’s community liaison for Columbia Hills. This information is being provided to the Columbia Forest Civic Association as required by Use Permit Condition 12.A for Columbia Hills. A link to the pdf can be found here

1010 S. Frederick St.
Arlington, VA22204

Use Permit No. U-3401-15-1


12.A) Community Liaison. The Developer agrees to identify a person(s) who will serve as liaison to the community throughout the duration of construction. This individual shall be on the construction site or readily accessible throughout the hours of construction, including weekends. The name, e-mail address and telephone number of the individual(s) shall be provided in writing to residents, property managers and business owners whose property abuts the site (including the Columbia Forest Civic Association), Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization (CPRO), and to the Zoning Administrator, and shall be posted at the entrance of the project.


The Community Liaison shall be the Contractor’s Project Superintendent, Patrick Sanzi, who will be stationed at the project site on a full time basis whenever work is underway. In addition, Michael
Chiappa, Development Manager for APAH and Ted Kalriess, third party Construction Manager of
KCM will be secondary contacts to the community.

Contact information for the Community Liaison and secondaries will be posted on the project fence,
entrance to trailer and provided via email to the surrounding properties.

Primary Contact:

Patrick Sanzi, Project Superintendent Cell (202) 705-8436
Bozzuto Construction Company Email

Secondary Contacts:

Michael Chiappa, Development Manager Cell (617) 852-8606
APAH Office (703) 276-7444, EXT 113

Ted Kalriess, Construction Manager Cell (703) 801-1187
KCM Office (540) 882-3100