Yard Waste Cart Update

Year Round Yard Waste Collection Starting 4/1/16 New Dark Green Organics Bin
Year Round Yard Waste Collection Starting 4/1/16 New Dark Green Organics Bin

The spring yard waste (SYW) collection program will start on March 14, 2016. The program will transition into the new year-round yard waste collection program on April 1, 2016. The only change to the SYW program is that now, collection will occur on your regular collection day. Residents who have received their yard waste carts by the start of the SYW collection program are free to use their carts at that time.


To ensure all our curbside collection customers are ready to participate in our convenient year-round yard waste program, cart deliveries will begin next week. In order to ensure all of our customers receive their cart prior to April 1, we need six to eight weeks to deliver carts to the entire County. This means some residents may receive a cart as early as February 8. Please help us spread the word that delivery is about to begin, but yard waste collection does not begin until March 14, 2016 as part of the SYW collection program. While it will be tempting for residents receiving carts in February to immediately use their cart, please do not place yard waste carts at the curb for collection until March 14, 2016. Delivery will be provided by American Disposal Services and we expect them to finish by late March.


When the cart is delivered, an educational brochure contained in a brown envelope describing the new program in detail will be attached to the lid of each yard waste cart. The back page of the brochure will contain a short summary of the program and is designed to be torn out, and utilized for easy reference. Residents that opted out of a yard waste cart will not receive a yard waste cart, but the educational brochure will be delivered following the start of the program.


We are looking forward to providing year-round yard waste to your civic association. Thank you for helping us spread the word about delivery. If there are any questions or concerns regarding cart delivery, please reach out to us at 703-228-6570.





Allison Lohrenz

Contracts Manager

Arlington County Government

Department of Environmental Services

Solid Waste Bureau

4300 29th Street South, Arlington VA 22206