Columbia Hills Construction Schedule August – September 2016


Below is a summary of activities occurring within the next six (6) weeks

Week of August 15: 

  • Fence in Phase 2 building construction area.
  • Demo existing lot and remove spoils.
  • Form and pour 1st lift to pile wall A
  • Complete Segmental Retaining wall G
  • Start playground retaining walls
  • Install BMP at SE lot.
  • Install SWM at SW lot Pending water line relocation

Week of August 22: 

  • Continue with site piles
  • Continue with pile wall
  • Continue site demo and spoil removal
  • Start North retaining Wall F piles
  • Start Storm sewer relocation.
  • Install Mini piles at unit 1012

Week of August 29: 

  • Continue with site retaining walls
  • Continue with piles along north retaining wall
  • Complete Storm sewer relocation
  • Install BMP at west lot
  • Install curb and gutters at west and SE lots.

Week of Sept. 5: 

  • Continue grading for Phase 2 piles
  • Start building piles
  • Start retaining wall F footings

Week of Sept. 12: 

  • Continue grading for building piles
  • Continue building piles
  • Continue with Wall F

Week of Sept 19: 

  • Continue with building piles and grading
  • Start Sanitary sewer on Frederick Street
  • Excavate and start tie backs



For further information, please contact Bozzuto Construction (BCC) Superintendent.

BCC Superintendent Contact Information: Colin Courtillet Mobile: 202-437-0322