image WalkArlington Pro-Tip Refresher on Hawk Beacon Signals

Arlington HAWK Beacon Pedestrians will see this, then do this: red hand, push button to cross, red hand, wait, white person, start crossing, Numbers, continue crossing (countdown signal). Drivers will see this, then do this: No lights illuminated at crosswalk, proceed with caution, Flashing bottom yellow light, slow down (pedestrian has activated the crossing button, Solid bottom yellow light, prepare to stop, Solid top two red lights, STOP Pedestrians in crosswalk, Alternating Blinking top two red lights, STOP! proceed with caution if clear of pedestrians.WalkArlington has tweeted a very helpful reminder for our pedestrian neighbors!  They published an infographic (above) showing what the signals mean! It details what drivers see at the HAWK Beacon crossings (like the one located in front of the Army National Guard Readiness Center on George Mason), as well as what the hand signals mean for pedestrians.
Pedestrian safety is a key priority for the Columbia Forest Civic Association.  It is our goal to help keep our neighbors safe as we participate in the WalkArlington and Car Free Diet movement!


Also: If you walk to the Arlington County Fair starting TONIGHT, stop at the WalkArlington booth for a prize (while supplies last!)

UPDATE: We reached out to Arlington DES about ADA accessible pedestrian crossings.  They informed us that all new crosswalk signals do also have an audible component.  Old ones however do not.  If you would like your current crosswalk updated with audible commands, you can do so by putting a request by calling 703-228-6570.

“Audible pedestrian signals are installed as the standard at all new traffic intersections in Arlington. Requests for audible pedestrian signals to be added to an already existing intersection can only be made by the visually impaired person who will be using the signal and will require a meeting with County staff at the location of the signal to determine the specific requirements and available right of way.”

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