Zoned Residential Parking Reminder

Green Highlighted Streets of Columbia Forest showing streets with zoned permit only parking
Zone 22 Parking Streets of Columbia Forest


Zone 22 parking is found all throughout Columbia Forest.  These streets are also clearly marked with “Permit Parking” signs throughout the neighborhood. Zoned parking is enforced 6pm to 12 Midnight, 7 days a week.  Active enforcement is currently in effect.

Only neighborhood residents with County-issued permits and passes and their visitors may park on these streets during restricted parking hours; drivers without a Vehicle-Specific Permit, FlexPass or a Short-Term Visitor Pass risk ticketing and towing.

Parking permits are available via Arlington County.

The fee for your first and second Vehicle-Specific Permit is $20, and with that you receive one free FlexPass to be used by residents or visitors. The fee for the third Vehicle-Specific Permit is $50.  Permits run from July 1st, 2016 to June 30th, 2017.  Renewal notices are usually sent in May.

Examples of valid parking permits are pictured below.

To report vehicles violating Zoned Parking

Vehicle-Specific-Permits FlexPassShort-Term-Visitor-Pass






To report any violations of the Residential Permit Parking, contact On-Street Parking Enforcement 703-558-2222 .

For questions about the Residential Permit Parking program, contact Residential Permit Parking Program 703-228-3344 .

Residential Permit Parking