Attending Claremont Elementary without a Lottery for Columbia Forest Residents – 11/15/16

Save the date for a CCA meeting on Tuesday November 15 at the Claremont Immersion School Library

At this meeting we will discuss a request from the Claremont Immersion School PTA Exec Board for the Arlington School Board to grant a one waiver of the “cluster enrollment group” (which includes guaranteed admissions for residents of Claremont and several other neighborhoods to the Claremont Immersion School).

Bottom line: If this waiver is granted it means that families who plan to enroll at CIS for the School Year 2017 will be subject to the admissions lottery.

This request was generated by the CIS PTA Exec Committee to address the growing issue of overcrowding at the school.

We have included all the details about this process that we have.

Click this link to learn more about this issue.