Bond Referendum Information

On Tuesday, November 8, Arlington County residents again will consider four local bond referenda questions on the ballot. The County’s traditional outreach has included standard materials provided at each voting location that outline the referenda questions on the ballot, along with a brief explanation summarizing the major projects to be financed under each question.  The explanations for each referenda question are restricted under state code to 500 words or less, and must be in “plain English,” meaning only brief and simple descriptions are permitted. When it comes time to vote, please keep in mind that only the referenda questions, not the explanations, are permitted to be placed on the ballot.

To increase the public’s awareness on specific projects for which the County is requesting bond funding, this year we are engaging in a broader, more detailed community outreach campaign. The Citizen newsletter, which all Arlington residents should have received this week, includes a Special Section on the 2016 Bond Referenda. This special section provides more details on the nature and types of projects included under each of the four bond referenda questions – so voters can make a more informed decision on Election Day. We also encourage residents to review the County’s capital improvement plan (CIP), which goes into even greater detail on these bond-funded projects.

Attached is an electronic copy of the Citizen special section. For those of you receiving this on behalf of your association or organization, I encourage you to distribute this to your constituents before Election Day on November 8.  If you have questions on the projects, the referenda questions, or anything else pertaining to the County’s bond referenda, contact information for staff in the Department of Management & Finance is provided below.