Columbia Hills 6 Week Construction Schedule – May to June 2017

We have some updates on the construction at Columbia Hills and what you can expect over the coming weeks.

Also, the condition of Frederick Street will be upgraded soon.


"The water line utility work in the street will be complete this week which will allow for the removal of the steel plates this weekend. To improve the condition of the road in the short term, Bozzuto will complete some targeted milling, patching and leveling of the street in the areas where the utility work has been completed.  Bozzuto is currently working to schedule this work, with the goal of leveling out as much as possible by Memorial Day weekend. 

Once all the utility work in the street is finished (in approximately 6-8 weeks), Bozzuto will mill the road adjacent to the construction site and install asphalt around the manholes in the street to provide a smooth transition.  Although there will still be bumps around the manholes, the overall condition of the street will be substantially improved at this time. 

Concurrent with the milling of the street, Bozzuto will also repair the sidewalk on the West side of Frederick Street, and install a covered walkway along the construction frontage.  At that time, we will also adjust that traffic pattern along Frederick Street to allow for continuous two-way traffic.  A graphic depicting the upcoming traffic pattern is attached.

Final paving of Frederick Street will be done in Spring 2018. "

Shortly the traffic pattern will be changing on South Frederick as you enter from Columbia Pike.  This is the updated infographic of how traffic will flow.

Also, there have been many complaints about construction workers parking in the neighborhood, which is a violation of the construction permit.  If you see this happening on your street, please document this and report to the construction management as soon as you see it so it can be corrected.

Their contact information

can be found: HERE.