Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does CFCA stand for?
A: Columbia Forest Civic Association

Q: Who are the Officers?
A: Diana Baron – President, Lyz Moore- Vice President,  Erin Long – Treasurer, Andalynn Burgess – Secretary

Q: How can I reach the Officers?
A: You can use our contact page.

Q: What is a civic association?
A: A civic association is a type of organization whose official goal is to improve neighborhoods through volunteer work by its members. A list of neighborhoods and associations can be found here.

Q: When does the civic association meet?
Meetings are held on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of every ODD NUMBERED month (January, March, May, July, September, November).

Q: Who can be a member of the civic association?
A: Membership is open to all who live within the boundaries of Columbia Forest.  Renters, homeowners, condo owners, and apartment residents are all welcome to join. 

You MUST be a member of the Columbia Forest Civic Association to vote at meetings. However, while membership is strongly encouraged, our services are available to all of our residents, regardless of membership status.

Q: How much are dues to join the civic association?
A: Dues are $5 per person over the age of 18.

Q: How can I report a problem in my neighborhood to the county?
A: An easy way to report problems like potholes, damaged signs, or concrete/gutter repair is through this website:, or additionally if its parking related or requires the police, the Arlington Non-Emergency Line is 703-558-2222.

Q: What is the population of Columbia Forest?
A: According to City Data, our neighborhood that is just over .22 square miles has about 4,000 residents (

Q: What borders define Columbia Forest?
A: Columbia Forest is defined by Columbia Pike to the North, Jefferson St to the West (which is the Arlington/Fairfax County line), and Four Mile Run (the waterway, not the street) to the East. Follow this google map to see the neighborhood’s boundaries: Columbia Forest Boundaries. CFCA includes residents from single family homes, duplexes, townhouses, apartments and condominiums such as Columbia Grove, Carlyle House, among others.

Q: What is a Neighborhood Conservation Plan, and does Columbia Forest have one?
A: “The Neighborhood Conservation Program helps improve and enhance Arlington neighborhoods. When the program was created in 1964, the goal was to empower residents by having them come together to discuss and share ideas for improving their neighborhoods. Today, the program provides funding for a variety of improvements including: installation of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, streetlights, signs, park improvements, neighborhood art and beautification. This program empowers citizens to identify and plan projects in their own neighborhoods.” Columbia Forest has a Conservation Plan that was last published in 2004. You can read it here.

Q: Which elected officials represent Columbia Forest?
A: Columbia Forest is included in the Claremont Precinct #28, with our polling location at Claremont School, 4700 Chesterfield Rd.

Columbia Forest is in the 49th District in the Virginia House of Delegates, currently held by Del. Alfonso Lopez.
Our Virginia State Senators are Barbara Favola and Adam Ebbin of the 30th District.
Our House Representative is Don Beyer from Virginia’s 8th Congressional district.
Our U.S. Senators are Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.